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3350 Eastbrook Drive, Suite 260, Fort Collins, CO, 80525
Monday – Friday
8am – 5pm

We first encountered The Office Phone when our previous phone service provider, from which we were leasing phones, informed us that it was no longer supporting our phones. It further informed us that we would have to sign a new contract, at an increased price, to obtain new phones it would support.

Looking to ensure that we remain good stewards of the firm's resource, we reached out to The Office Phone to look into the viability of buying a phone system instead of leasing. Alan was outstanding at breaking through the technical jargon to help us identify what we needed and what we did not. We now have a new phone system from The Office Phone, which has all of the services we need, and which ultimately saves us money.

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Phone Numbers

Denver: (303) 351-0000
Fort Collins: (970) 795-1000
Toll Free: (855) NOCO-VOIP

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