The basic fundamental reason for the very existence of a business is to increase revenue, decrease costs, and make more profits. As an owner, you will look at your balance sheet year after year and see how you have performed. You will compare revenues, customer base, expenses, and profits with last year results and analyze how the company’s performance can be improved.

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People using IP Communication System to converse

Communication is the one of the most important aspects of running a business. Gone are the days when you needed 100s of telephones lines, telephone operators, and a fervent hope you are able to speak with your colleague and customer without interruptions. Gone are the days when you had to set a budget for communications and restrict your employees from making international calls.

An IP telephone system moves away from the PSTN systems and uses your networking that you use for emails, and computer data. The same networking lines that you are already using are used for voice and video conversation.

Let us see how an IP telephone system will increase your revenue and your profits.

  1. Within your office, your communication suddenly becomes unlimited. You can speak to colleagues as often as you want and as long as you want. You can ask for clarifications and get back to clients with information that will make them happy.
  2. Use IP communication to speak regularly with branch offices and offices in other countries. This will increase the bonding within the company and enhance productivity.
  3. If your client also has an IP address and an IP communication set up, you can initiate regular scheduled calls with the client. This will clear all issues that may arise on a regular basis, keep the client happy and encourage him to do more business with you. He can also be goaded to refer your name to his friends and other businesses he is familiar with. This means increased business for you thorough reference from your existing clients.
  4. When you get a new client, encourage him to set up an IP system, and you will be able to enhance your services in the initial stages. Schedule regular calls, bring his attention to your products and services he is not using and make him give you more business.
  5. If you come across a promising prospect, use all the features of IP communication to present to him all your wonderful services and products. Make presentation on a video bridge, answer all his questions, and use the unhindered communication feature to convert the prospect to a client.

We looked at how IP communication can be used to increase revenues. Let us now see how IP communication can be used to reduce communication costs and increase your profits.

IP communications come in three major formats.

  1. In a regular IP communication such as IPEdge from Toshiba, or what is sometimes called pure IP communication, all voice and video calls are made using the network connectivity. This assumes that all the people you want to speak to also have IP communication set up. This is very much true for intra office communication. Since you are already paying for the network connectivity, you can stop using PSTN lines and the charges connected with that to speak to your colleagues, branch offices and other people who work for you. If you have dealers, make them get on the IP bandwagon, and you end up saving more money.
  2. You may need to get in touch with people who you don’t know well such as prospects, new dealers, and new vendors. You may have a phone number for such people. Use converged VoIP communication such as Strata CIX from Toshiba. In this, you can use the standard IP communication with everyone who is already on the network for free calls. You can also use the system to call an external telephone line or a mobile phone. The switching is done by the telephone company that uses its PSTN line between its switches and the other party. For you, it continues to use your IP communication method. In other words, PSTN lines and IP communication are converged for your convenience. Roughly, what you pay is for half the connection. You connection up to the phone company is free. The second half is what you pay for. Using this combination, you can call anyone, anywhere in the world without increasing your communication costs
  3. What we spoke about till now refers to you having an IP PBX installed in your office. What if you are not too eager to do that? Companies such as Toshiba have installed a very large IP PBX on secure data centres and have made that available as a service you pay for on a monthly basis. The charges on based on number of connections and your usages. Each and every feature of pure or converge IP communication is available. You can choose what you want to use and pay for just that. This is called a cloud or a hosted telephone system. Toshiba’s cloud phone systems – VIPedge is a world leading product that has own multiple awards.

We have seen how IP communication first increases your revenue, allows you to communicate more, and keeps a tight control over your communication expenses.

What is keeping you from jumping to this new communication methodology?