Call Accounting: Your Personal Sleuth

We all need a James Bond sometimes. Or, If you prefer to be less grandiose, perhaps you need a Dick Tracy or that guy from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. Who ever your chosen watchful eye is, your goals are the same: getting as much data about the functioning of your business as possible. You do it through progress reports, bi-weekly meetings, and perhaps microphones around the water cooler to extricate meaning out of office gossip. Now there is another weapon you can add to your arsenal: Call Accounting.

Whether you are running a call center, a small startup company with a few employees, or a regional enterprise with dozens of locations, call accounting software can give you a huge boost over your competition, and not necessarily in the ways you might think.

You may have an employee who always seems to be on the phone, but their sales numbers aren’t very high. Maybe phones are ringing off the hook, and you have no way to track if they were answered or not. Perhaps you are wondering why you have 47 calls to North Dakota every month, when you have no offices or clients there.

With call accounting added to your phone system, you can see how often calls are being made, how many are getting answered, and whether your employees are on the phone with customers, or making a sushi date for this Friday. You can make comparisons to see who is making the most sales, how long its taking them, and what tactics they are using. You can even find out who is making all of those long distance phone calls.

After analyzing your data, you may find employees who need additional training, when you notice that they are taking 3 times as long as other customer service agents to resolve issues. Your warehouse staff might claim they don’t have enough time to finish processing shipments, yet once you see that they are spending an average of 3.5 hours on the phone per day collectively, you know you just need new warehouse staff. You might find out that 1 in 5 callers hangs up before even speaking to anyone because your receptionist is overloaded with calls.

By using call accounting software as your personal private eye, you will be able to better manage productivity and expenses, identify training and staffing issues, and free up time to concentrate on saving money and growing your business.