Verbal Backup: Always Know Who Said What

What happened to the good ole days? The days where you didn’t NEED to make sure people treated each other with integrity and respect? To the days you could count on a person’s word? We’ve evolved as a society, and so technology has adapted as well, to solve the issues with our world.

One of the most important things to maintain in your business is honesty, both you, your employees, and clients make a silent contract to trust one another, and its key to be able to know you deserve that trust. Call recording is a great way to help enforce this contract and bolster that trust.

Whether you are making a deal with new client, talking to an old vendor making empty promises, or someone is giving you directions that you want to make sure you get right, the ability to get a verbal back-up of the conversation, as it happens, can be very valuable.

You may want to record all calls as they happen, to be used later for training. Maybe you need to record a snippet of a conversation in which you are receiving precise instructions for a project. Perhaps you want proof that you remained calm and helpful while a problematic client treated you poorly.

All of this can be accomplished with a call recording solution. You can have a button on your office phone that instantly starts recording the ongoing conversation, stops when you tell it to, and saves the recording in your voicemail box.

You can even go the next level and use a call recording software that will record your calls directly to your PC, allowing you to add notes and labels to the conversation, including a client name, so you can add it to their file, or later make a transcript of the conversation. You can even send a copy of the recording via email.

When you show that you care, and that you want the best outcome for everybody, your clients will take note so that even when the world cant be trusted, your clients will feel safe with you. Call recording helps build your business with a foundation of honesty and integrity that will last for decades.