Anyone who watched the Broncos defeat the Patriots on Sunday to earn a Super 011914-NFL-Broncos-Manning-HF-PI.vadapt.620.medium.61_thumbBowl birth would have noticed Peyton Manning clearly signal calling prior to each snap.  Manning made a wide variety of calls including on many occasions stating the word “Omaha” followed by “Hut” after which the ball was snapped. Each player was in the right position for every play, and began each play in unison, enabling the Broncos to overpower the Patriots and earn a victory. Manning screamed his signals out so the entire team (and the country) could hear what he needed to say. It was a great example of putting unified communications to use.

By contrast, Tom Brady was barely heard throughout the game. His team appeared to be in a state of disarray frequently and as a result the Patriots will be watching the Superbowl from the comfort of their homes or in Omaha if they prefer instead of on the field in New Jersey.

Thanks to today’s communications technology, no employee needs to scream out signals in order to advance to their end zone. No matter what your business needs are, The Office Phone offers a wide array of solutions that allow businesses of any size in any industry to communicate effectively, from overhead paging systems to extended range wireless devices to door phones to strobe lights to telephone endpoints. This is all made possible by great VoIP phone systems like the Toshiba IPedge.

To go slightly off-topic, there is a raging debate over what exactly Manning is signaling when he says “Omaha”. Everything from switch the play to the other direction to get ready for the snap. My take – he uses the word to elicit a Pavlovian response from the opposing team. He is conditioning the other team to hear that signal then anticipate the snap. Once the opposing team starts to bite, he then uses Omaha to draw the opposing team offsides. Before that happens, the word has no meaning.

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