One-Number: Anywhere and Everywhere

You know what sucks? When you make a dozen calls trying to reach one person, and you still cant get ahold of them because you don’t know where they are. Sure you could just call their cell phone, but you know they prefer to be called on their office lines. It’s also really annoying if you get calls from one person, but they keep calling from different numbers. Well maybe if you told them a little about getting a one-number service, this wouldn’t be such an issue anymore.

Sometimes people need to leave the office, but still need to be able to answer and place calls as if they were sitting at their desk. With a one-number, or mobility service, one can have calls to their office phone ring to their cellphone, and show them that it is an office call. They can also place calls from their cellphone, and have the outbound caller ID show the office number, not their cellphone number. One can even transfer calls to other people at the office and use the office conference bridge. Isn’t that convenient?

There are many features in a mobility solution starting with simply ringing your cellphone after, or even while ringing your desk phone. You can also have an app on your smart phone that is an actual extension on your office phone system, giving you access to a full array of features. You can control when calls are routed to you, change what numbers they are routed to, and even choose what type of calls are routed to you.

With a quality mobility solution, you can go just about anywhere and still be in one place, and whether you are out in the field working, running an errand, or sneaking off to the golf course, you can still be productive.