faxornofaxWhy fax?

Why does faxing still exist?  Why isn’t everything just emailed?  Believe it or not, there are reasons faxing still exists.  It is huge in the medical and legal industries, for security reasons. With websites and email service providers getting “hacked” all the time, pharmacies and doctor’s offices send confidential information back and forth via fax because it is more secure.

You might ask, “but a page sitting on a fax machine in an open office is not secure,” and it might be true that someone could walk away with your fax, but with unified communications, faxing does not mean having to use an old fax machine.  You can have a secure fax server in your office, using your same direct number on your business card, to send and receive faxes to and from your computer, through your voicemail box.

You can even send and receive documents that are too large to go through many email providers. For example, if you have a large PDF file you need to send, perhaps its a hefty, 500 page instructional book, you can send it all via fax, and don’t have to worry about limits imposed by email providers and bandwidth. By sending and receiving faxes this way, you are also saving money and helping the environment, by not printing unnecessary pages.

These are just a few of the many possibilities having unified communications set up in your business can help. You can really open new doors to various avenues of communication and stay up to date with all the modern telecom tech of the day.

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