The holidays are generally a difficult time for businesses outside of retail. Everybody is in the mood to be home with their families, eating copious amounts of turkey and figgy pudding, what ever that is. This isn’t a bad thing. People should be encouraged to spend time with their family, however this leaves everyone in a somewhat foggy, lackadaisical mood, which isn’t great when you are trying to get work done and accomplish tasks. So what can we do to push ourselves, our coworkers, and our employees to kick it into gear and keep the ball rolling?

1. Company meetings/brainstorm sessions

Sometimes all you need to get off the ground is to generate a bit of buzz and energy. When people have to show up and use their brain a bit it starts to give them momentum. Pick some projects around the office and get some new input from different people. Hey, you can even get some people to conference in using iMeet or another conference call system. The more the merrier, even if they are hundreds of miles away.

2. Encourage passion projects

It might sound counter productive to allot time to work on personal projects, but if you can get their brain working and burn off a bit of that lethargic stiffness, anything helps. It’s the time of year that people are going to be evaluating their past 12 months, planning for the next, and if you provide encouragement and make the office feel homey, like a place they can expand and grow in the ways they want to, they will give you their best work.

3. Let people know their value

Everybody likes when their work and contributions are recognized. It goes a long way to let people know that by them being there, the office, company, and projects are better for it. We spend 2000 hours a year at work, give or take, and when we sink so much time into something, its refreshing to feel that its not just a mindless slogging through life, just to live. Make sure the people around you know how much of a positive impact they make on you and they will give 110% to their work. Tell them in person, but also give them a call off hours, just to let them know that you take you own time to care about them. Heck you can even send them a text if that feels right.

4. Get to the gym

Its hard to get out and exercise during the winter, but physical wellness increases mental alertness. Encourage each other to stay physically active by what ever means necessary, and everyone will stay active in their work. Moods will stay up, minds bright, and people’s positive energy will affect all of those around them. Organize company outings to the local laser tag place or something similar, get the blood moving to keep the money flowing.

5. Take a break

Even the most well oiled machines need time to slow down and get some much needed rest and maintenance. We all push ourselves harder than anyone, and it takes its toll on us. Sometimes we need to step out and take a breather. The fresh winter air does wonders to clear the mind, and taking a short walk can give you a spurt of much needed energy. It can also be nice just to see some fresh faces in the community around you. A change of pace doesn’t even require you to have to neglect your duties on the job, get lunch with a new coworker and set your office phone to redirect to your cell phone, so you don’t miss any important calls.

There are many different things we can do to keep our minds focused, energy up, and moods positive, but hopefully these few tips have helped you think of new ways to keep all of your gears moving. Have a happy holiday season.