The Office Phone Vision

Telephony has come a long way since the tin-can-and-string era. Indeed, today’s consumer is offered a plethora of choices for their telecommunications and data networking needs on a scale that would have astonished Alexander Graham Bell. Gone are the days when a room full of equipment was necessary for providing intra-office phone and data management services, where sharing data and voice over one network connection was virtually impossible. And, those days should be gone.

At The Office Phone, we see a world where voice and data share systems seamlessly; where a  company can enjoy all the flexibility and functionality of a large-scale PBX costing hundreds-of-thousands of dollars – with a small business budget.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to cost-effective, bandwidth-rich connection options? Wouldn’t it be great to work from home with the exact same functionality as being in the office, wearing a robe instead of a suit? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your customers and clients accessed your realm with the impression that you are a Fortune 500 company, instead of a one-man-band?

We think so! Indeed, we believe that the phrase “no you can’t” should be replaced with “yes you can!” We envision a market so competitive that the consumer has virtually unlimited cost-effective options. We believe in an environment where our customers can come to our location, relax with a cup of tea, free of high-pressure sales pitches, and interact with all the systems that we offer before committing to any contract. We believe that our customers and clients should be 100% satisfied, and we believe in adding value to your voice.