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Stunning HD Video Conferencing in Aurora

Business owners try everything in the book to run their business as effectively as possible. They try new approaches for getting a job done or conducting business as smoothly as they can. Yet, many businesses fail to realize that there are certain new technologies can help do these things more effectively. Video conferencing is one such tool in the telecommunications arsenal that has made business meetings a breeze. Video conferencing is all about finding out new avenues for effective and efficient business communication. Business communication, with the help of video conferencing solutions, is a sure way to gain new ground. Video conferencing allows real time conference facility with video and audio. This is similar to a face-to-face meeting with the clients and the employees. A conference can be called for both the employees as well as the clients. Video conferencing solutions provide the common platform for all to interact, share views and even carry out presentations.

Video Conferencing AuroraBusiness travel is costly and it is not possible to send executives to the client’s office all the time. In this case, you can use video conferencing to arrange a conference with the client. Businesses can save hundreds of dollars on travel fares and hotel bills. One great thing about video conferencing is that PowerPoint and other presentations can be made in real-time.

Reaching out to new clients becomes easier with the help of video conferencing when it is not always possible to physically go and meet the clients. Video conferencing can be an affordable way of setting up a meeting with the client, as every meeting does not come with the guarantee of success. Thus, it is prudent to choose a video conferencing solution that suits the needs and budget of a business. Although it would require a one-time investment, it would save thousands of dollars for the company in the long run.

Video conferencing systems are considered to be very user-friendly, but a certain degree of understanding about the system would help the users make optimum use of this technology. Prior to beginning to work with the VC system, it is imperative that every user goes through the necessary training. This training gives them complete knowledge about the system so that they can operate it smoothly.

Video Conferencing Strategy in Aurora

conferencing solution auroraVC strategy or video conferencing strategy is a very important part of a company’s purchase process. It is indeed a prerequisite to draw up a strategy to achieve the goals that have been set to be accomplished by introducing a video conferencing system. The VC strategy needs to be in line with the business goals of the company so that everyone knows its purpose.

Every person in the company should be able to relate with the strategy and should be able to give their suggestions at the time of deployment. This is why there should be a clear note on getting feedback of employees on the VC strategy. Given below is a list of things that need to be followed while drawing up a VC strategy:

  • The basic focus should be on the technical specifications, operational ability and usability
  • Visual solutions should be in place to support the employees at the remote locations
  • Adoption and deployment related feedbacks from the employees should be included in the VC
  • Interoperability between PC based conferencing and room related solution must be outlined
  • Business improvement processes should comply with the visual technology
  • For integrating the video conferencing with the unified communication of the company a clear technical layout must be drawn
  • Mobility solutions for smartphones must also be outlined

End Points and Room Design for Video Conferencing in Aurora

End point systems or end points are the software and hardware required for controlling and managing a video conference system. It is up to the company to draw a requirement sheet that contains details of the hardware and software needed to deploy the video conferencing system. All the end points must be connected with the display so that every user can listen and see the proceedings of a conference.

The installation of the video conference system has to be done in a room which is known as the VC room. This room needs to have the necessary furnishings for sound absorption, seating, display, mics, etc. There must be a comprehensive list of the hardware needed to set up the end points of a conferencing system.

Video Conferencing Infrastructure in Aurora

The Office Phone is offering the Video Conferencing infrastructure and VC solutions from Panasonic in the city of Aurora. The hardware features of this video conferencing system are:

1)   Display screen
2)   Main codec box
3)   HD audio full duplex 360 microphone
4)   HD video camcorders with remote and a VPN router

Panasonic’s VC500 Package consists of a 50” plasma TV, HD Main Codec box, HD Audio Full Duplex 360 Microphone, 2 HD Video Camcorders with remote and a VPN Router.

Usage and Adoption of Video Conferencing in Aurora

Usage and adoption also forms an integral part of deploying a conference system. The employees must be provided with the necessary training to working with the system. The VC strategy of the company should have a section for registering the feedback from employees. They can start with video conferencing with the vendors and then slowly move on to arranging conferences with clients. The transition must be smooth and seamless.

Operations and Management Of Video Conferencing in Aurora

The Office Phone has partnered with Panasonic and provides installation and training for all their customers in the city of Aurora. A proper training facilitates proper understanding of the system which in turn makes working with the system easier. We have in house training facility for all our customers and we even take care of the maintenance.

The trained technicians from our company take care of all training and maintenance needs of our customers.

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