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Beautiful VoIP Phones Systems in Aurora

It is really interesting to see businesses in Aurora adopting new technologies to take their business to the next level. Local businesses are switching to new technologies that will directly impact their productivity and ROI. This is one big reason why the use of IP telephones and VoIP telephones is gathering a lot of popularity.

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IP telephony is a telecommunications technology that converts analog signals into digital signals, and transmits them over a secured private IP network. VoIP is quite similar to IP telephony because it too transmits the digital signals over a secured IP network. The main difference is that the infrastructure in VoIP telephones (hardware and software) is usually maintained by a third party.

The popularity of IP phones is on the rise because of the amazing features that come with the service. Some of the notable features offered by IP phones are priority call routing, video/audio call conferencing, and integration with smart phones. Some of the advantages of using IP or VoIP telephone systems are as follows:

  • Communication over multiple platforms
  • The handling of a large volume of calls
  • Cheaper rates for long distance calls
  • Permanent and reliable communication with employees and clients

Pure IP Telephone Systems in Aurora

The popularity of IP phones in Aurora is not very surprising, since the city has always been known for adopting new technologies with open arms. Since the inception of this new technology, most of the businesses in the city are migrating to IP telephone systems. IP telephones are very user-friendly and they are loaded with some very interesting features. The days of long, cranky calls are history and it is time to usher in the technology that is changing the way we communicate.

The Office Phone offers IPEdge from Toshiba, one of the most advanced IP telephone systems in the world. Available in three models, the IPEdge can support up to 100 users per server. In addition to crystal clear voice, if used within your own network, the IPEdge telephone system is literally free for all calls made using the IP Protocol. The IPEdge system offers the following distinct advantages:

Easy to use: The IPEdge systems can work off a single static IP address. With a centralized management system, nothing can beat the IPEdge for simplicity.

End Points for every user: Regardless of what your preference is in terms of the phone device, IPEdge can support it. From desk and wall-mountable phones to desktops and laptops, IPEdge can support it all. For mobility, we offer soft phones, and wireless devices. You can also use your smart phones that use Android and iOS operating systems.

Universal Manageability: A browser based management software allows you to see all the connections and their status, and manage them from anywhere. This works for both a single server and for multiple IPEdge servers.

Easy Programmability: IPEdge empowers each user to program his requirements and functions the way he wants. Without the help of system administrator, every user can program his or her own speed-dial, feature buttons, and individualized functions such as Do Not Disturb.

Reliability with Open Standards: IPEdge uses Linux for high scalability, reliability, and very strong security.

On Demand Expansion: With servers supporting 40, 200 and 1000 users, you can network multiple IPEdge system to expand as you grow. Though IPEdge servers rarely fail, if there is a network, the IP phones can switch to additional servers at other locations to keep the communication running smoothly.

Advantages of SIP Trunking: Toshiba’s IPEdge systems are certified to work with SIP truck service across the US. SIP trunking provide flexibility, efficiency, and costs savings.

VoIP Telephony in Aurora

VoIP telephone systems are being offered to all of our customers in Aurora and we have collaborated with Toshiba to present the Strata CIX system. This is the most reliable and least expensive VoIP telephone service available on the market. This service allows handling of large volume of calls by setting a priority based routing system. The calls are automatically routed to the cheapest carrier or line. The Strata CIX system from Toshiba is very popular because of the features that it offers, such as:

  • Call patterns can be analyzed for efficient call management
  • Restriction on long distance calls
  • Easy access to high-speed digital services
  • A efficient service that makes optimum use of the internet connection to route calls
  • Automatic call routing facility
  • Mixing of IP and PSTN networks in any combination you want

Cloud or Hosted Telephone Solutions in Aurora

Cloud Phone AuroraFor small companies that are a little hesitant to make the switch, The Office Phone and Toshiba offer cloud-based telephone systems to businesses in Aurora. Instead of investing money on setting up your own IP-PBX, you can now, for a small monthly charge, access all the features and capabilities of an enterprise level IP telephone system – Toshiba’s VIPEdge.

Toshiba has installed a reliable cloud-based telephone system that they maintain on behalf of their clients. The VIPEdge system offers all the features of IPEdge and more. Toshiba’s VIPedge offers a gamut of features and advantages. Some of those are listed below:

  • Low capital expenditure on communication systems
  • Fixed subscription charges
  • No costly software upgrades
  • Easy space management at office
  • System management costs are nil
  • Survivability ensured by the cloud
  • Business telephone features embedded
  • Voicemail supported by unified messaging
  • Call manager feature
  • Find-me and follow-me call routing feature through its mobility solution
  • Full universal communication features

Digital Telephones in Aurora

To use the advanced features of IPEdge, Strata CIX, and VIPedge, you need good phone devices.

The Office Phone is offering The Toshiba IP – 5000 series phones that have a sleek look and are also loaded with a variety of advanced features. The Toshiba IP – 5000 series phones are known for their robust and sleek build. These not only give you the latest communication system but at the same time add a dash of style to your office. A few awesome features that you can expect include:

  • Support of Gigabit Ethernet Switch for High-speed network access
  • Enhanced readability through clear backlight LCD
  • Handset or speaker to make Off Hook Call Announcement
  • Programmable for carrying out variety of call functions

IP phones are here to take away the tension of the daily workplace grind and they have been manufactured to endure the stress. These telephone devices are not only easy to use but also very easy to install. These can be easily connected with the private office network and the Internet. Wired and wireless systems can be conveniently connected with the network.

IP/VoIP Mobility Solutions in Denver

The Office Phone also offers a range of Toshiba IP Phones like Toshiba’s SoftIPT Softphone that can connect to the Local Area Network (LAN) or Wireless LAN. There is also a range of other Toshiba IP phones like Wireless SIP DECT IP4100 that works in unison with IPedge or Strata CIX system to offer higher flexibility. The uMobility solution uses the smartphones to stay connected with the people who matter the most to a business.

The Office Phone and Aurora

The Office Phone is a leading vendor of telecommunication services and products in Colorado and Wyoming. Our engineers have experience from hundreds of installations and have been certified by Toshiba, Avaya, Panasonic, and more.

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