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Call AccountingAt their root, call accounting packages are essentially your eyes and ears to monitor your phone system. The goal is to be able to track your calls to know who is calling whom. This functionality is great for businesses who need to bill based upon time spent consulting on a call, like law firms.

Call accounting is also great in situations where there are multiple businesses in an office space, and you need to make sure that each tenant is billed the correct amount.

It can also help you detect intrusions into your system by telling you if illicit calls are being made, and how often. This will help protect you from situations that could destroy your business, like phone toll fraud.

Not only are call accounting packages great for tracking billable time and protecting against external forces, but you can also use it to help improve the internal workings of your business. You can track all of your employees calls, see who they are calling, what they are saying, how long they are talking on each call, and more.

This type of observation can serve a few purposes. Perhaps you are having trouble with employees slacking off and calling their friends and chatting all day, or maybe you are seeing that some employees are struggling to keep customers on the line, while others are excelling. With call accounting, you can find out who is wasting your precious time and fire them, and you can figure out what the higher performing employees are doing and help train the struggling ones, based on the data you get.

There are so many things you can do with a call accounting package and we would love to help you find out how you can best implement a package today.

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