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Handling a large volume of calls is hard, and when you can’t miss a single opportunity to help a customer, you have to be sure you have the tools to stay connected. THE OFFICE PHONE provides many resources and services that allows calling centers of any kind and size to thrive. We have an array of beautiful phone systems solutions and stunning features that will keep you operating at the capacity that you need.

Key Call Center Features

In order to keep everything running as smoothly as possible, and to make sure no knots get tied in your system, it is important that you effectively use all options available to you. It is good to know what features exist, so you know what to look for in a high quality phone system.

One important feature for call center phone system solutions to have is Automatic Call Distribution, or ACD. ACD makes sure that all calls are handled by the right people, at the right times, and makes sure your customer is served properly. If your call center has more than one location, it is possible to span this feature across the network so that your efficiency is maximized.

On top of ACD, there are a number of other pleasing features that will greatly benefit call centers. Call recording and logging features help you maintain high quality customer service and improve training by providing real life data. Priority features that are able to decide who should be getting calls first, and which calls are addressed first. There are also other more basic features and fully fledged unified communications services that can be packaged with what ever system is right for you. The flexibility and customizability of today’s modern phone systems has never been available before, and now is the right time to get started.

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