Video Conferencing and Collaboration Can Maximize Your Productivity.

Video conferencing suites are valuable assets to a growing business. They allow you to more effectively stay in quality communication across many locations, host meetings with prospective clients – near and far, and they open up a world of possibility for how you can transfer your business. To go along with video conferencing, its a good idea to have a way to share all of your files and data with the people who need it quickly and effectively. There are many options for these things, but we think we’ve picked the best of them, and we are happy to show you what we’ve got.

Getting to the Good Stuff: Our Conferencing and Collaboration Options

The Office Phone has a number of outstanding options when it comes to online conferencing and collaboration. From video meeting and conferencing options provided by iMeet and Toshiba, to file sharing and collaboration from, we have all the pieces you need to the puzzle of working remotely and online, with multiple locations, or with contractors across the world.

We have spent years working towards partnerships with the leaders in video conferencing and collaboration, and not only are we on the front edge of the tech, but we also have the best prices and best deals. We have great relationships with our providers and we work with them to get you up and running with the best option for you.

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