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Stunning HD Video Conferencing in DenverVideo Conferencing DenverVideo conferencing is a very important method in order to stay connected, cut costs, and increase productivity, especially in these economically challenging times that we are living in. Because the prices of equipment are dropping continuously, while technology is making it easier to deploy, video conferencing is now a very efficient way to communicate with employees, vendors, clients and potential customers.

Introduction to Video Conferencing

What is Video Conferencing? It refers to a cost effective way of facilitating an interactive and live communication across various geographical sites. Several years ago, systems used in video conferencing were used only by the largest multinational businesses because of the costs of equipment, expensive set-up costs, and connections costs. In the recent past, on the other hand, technology has made it possible for video conferencing to be widely accepted by all businesses.

Here are some of the purposes for which a video conferencing can be used:

  • Ease of meeting with co workers, regardless of location
  • Effective collaboration of colleagues who are working in different sites
  • Enhanced participation in presentations despite different geographic locations
  • Effective collaboration within various research groups
  • Access to locations which are not typically available due to safety, health, security, and other limitations.

Benefits of Video Conferencing in Denver

Here are some benefits a company may get when adopting video conferencing as a communication method:

  • Increases Productivity

Video conferencing systems today have features which allow users to edit and share documents in real time. This capability of sharing and collaborating across different formats has also added further dynamics in video communications which were not possible previously. As a result, decisions are made quickly, services and products reach the market faster, and the sales cycle can be reduced substantially. These advantages offer a big help in increasing sales, enhancing efficiency which allows businesses to stay on top of the competitors.

  • Saves on Costs

Savings is one of the tangible benefits offered by video conferencing. This happens when businesses reduce expenses. Video conferencing eliminates travel costs with the help of a video link that employees can use in order to maintain relationships, as well as conducting businesses wherever you may be. At the same time, it enhances on a business’ goal of ‘going green’.

  • Connects Employees

Video conferencing assists in retaining valuable workers who may need to relocate or have to work from a remote location. This can also save on certain costs in training and recruiting fees which are commonly associated with hiring new employees. Location is no longer an issue when you run a business and use video conferencing services.

Components of Video Conferencing in Denver

360 degrees full duplex HD Audio

This component comes with an echo canceller feature that ensures clarity in voice communication, while allowing other parties to talk at the same time; pretty much the same as with a face to face meeting.

1080p Full HD Video

full hdOf course, video should be delivered in high resolution. Full 1080p video allows the provision of crystal clear picture, thus allowing even the smallest details to be clearly visible.

User Friendly, Easy Operation and Connection

Some time ago, you needed an operator to set up a call, ensure the connection worked, and stay on till the call was over. In addition, you needed special IDSN connection, as ISDN was the only connection that had enough bandwidth.
Today, the bandwidth requirements have gone down, while available bandwidth has gone up! Secondly connection is a breeze. As long as you have an Internet connection, all you do is to go online, choose the party you want to confer with and click. That is it. You are connected and can start talking.

Low Bandwidth Support/Stable Connection

Video conferencing systems for businesses usually depend on the stability of the internet connection. With a low bandwidth support, this is not a problem. Video and audio transmission, sound and image disruptions are clearly a thing of the past.

Changeable Screen Layouts

Even when multiple sites are connected, it is easy to flexibly change screen layouts. This can result to a smooth and easy remote video conferencing. With a single press of a button in the remote control, the screens may easily be adjusted or changed in order to fit the conferencing needs of users.

Video Conferencing Implementation in Denver

In order to expect a successful video conferencing implementation, it is very important to consider certain factors during the planning process.

  • Identifying bandwidth requirements

This primarily depends on the selected solution. However, generally speaking, the required bandwidth for a single video streaming may range between 256kbps to over 1 Mbps (HD video).

  • Preparation of the LAN environment

Typically, LAN with 802.1p (traffic prioritization) and 802.1q (VLAN tagging) at Layer 2, as well as a DiffServ in Layer 3 is fitting in order to provide support and maximize video performance.

  • Ensuring WAN performance

In order to provide support to multi site video conferencing, a dedicated connectivity or MPLS is needed in order to allow and achieve traffic prioritization.

Installation, Testing, and Go-Live of Video Conferencing in Denver

conferencing solution denver

While video conferencing has undoubtedly become easier to install and use, there could be some hesitancy on your part. The Office Phone has extensive experience in installing and implementing Video conferencing facilities for organisations of all sizes. From testing your connectivity, to suggesting the right equipment for your needs, and helping your interior designer, our services go all the way to ensure your video conferencing facility works to your complete satisfaction. Once we agree on your requirements, we will get the equipment, install it, connect it and test it out for you.

If you have any issue when you are using the video conferencing facility, our services are just a call away.

Even when you install top-of-the-line video conferencing systems, it may take quite an effort to make all your employees to use it regularly and effectively. We strongly recommend internal training for video conferencing. Aside from familiarizing the processes, training can also boost the confidence of the employees as they work on the new technology being introduced to them. The Office Phone would be happy to be involved with your internal training requirements.

Internal Training for video conferencing usage in Denver

Video Conferencing is a very potent tool of communication. The more it is used in your organisation, the more are your savings and the more efficient and productive your organization will be. Encourage your employees to maximise the usage of Video Conferencing even from clearance of small doubts from vendors, clients, and colleagues.

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