IP and VoIP Communication in Denver

Telecommunication systems have gotten better with the introduction of IP and VoIP Telephone Systems. IP telephone systems convert analog signals into digital signals and then transmits them over a secured network. With IP telephones, most of the communication is done across private networks, while VoIP using public networks and can all work alongside PSTN networks.

Priority call routing, handling of large call volumes, video/audio call conferencing, and integration with smart phones are some of the advanced features that come along with VoIP telephony systems. There are several benefits of using a using IP or VoIP telephony systems and some of the most common ones are as follows:

  • Great flexibility
  • Seamless communication across several platforms
  • Large volume of call handling
  • Cheap call rates
  • Maintaining perpetual communication with employees and clients

IP Telephone Communication Systems in Denver

Businesses in Denver are migrating to IP telephone systems. They are opting for the latest technology because of the many advantages that it offers. IP telephones are very user friendly and come with a plethora of advanced features. Gone are the days when telephone systems at offices were a complex affair – IP telephony is not only easy to use but is a relatively inexpensive way to make and receive calls at any time of the day.

The Office Phone proudly offers Toshiba’s IPEdge IP telephone systems for businesses of all sizes in Denver. Available in 3 models that support up to 1000 users per server, the IPEdge servers can be networked to give you as many user end points as you want. Even when you network multiple servers, IPEdge provides ease of use and very simple management of all calls. A browser-based application shows you all the connections and enables you to manage calls, voice mails and other features of the system.

Toshiba’s IPEdge system gives you the following unmatched features:

  • Simplicity of usage and management
  • Advanced features including Voice Mail to Email
  • Find-Me and Follow-Me features that extend to smartphones
  • Connectivity through wireless LANs
  • Full contact center features for business of any size
  • Advanced Call Manager functions such as presence status and chat extended over the network
  • Connect to customers, vendors and employees anywhere in the world as long as they have an Internet connection.
  • Full integration with advanced CRM software such as Act!, Outlook, etc.

VoIP Telephony in Denver

VoIP telephony is an inexpensive way to upgrade and maintain a reliable communication system. At The Office Phone in Denver, we offer Toshiba’s VoIP telephony – The Strata CIX system. This system is perfect for companies that handle large volume of calls at any given point in time. The Strata CIX system has been built keeping in mind the growing needs of seamless business communication. The Strata CIX systems can work on IP protocol as well as regular PSTN lines in any combination that suits you. Advantages that are offered by this VoIP telephone system are as follows:

  • Evaluate call patterns and help in better call management
  • Long distance calls can be restricted
  • High-speed digital services can be easily accessed
  • Optimum use of the Internet connection to reduce PSTN costs
  • Calls can be automatically routed to cheaper carriers or lines
  • Call Center applications
  • Mobility solutions
  • Multiple management programs for complete control

Cloud Telephone Solutions in Denver

One of the factors of an IP telephone system is the initial capital expense. In addition, you will also have to spend money on setting up a robust network system, and the resultant management on a regular basis. When you are looking at a large number of users, concerned about security, and have a well-established communication system in place, the efforts and money make sense.

But what if you are not big, and have been used to PSTN lines, and are not very convinced of the advantages of an IP based telephone system? The Office Phone and Toshiba have the ideal solution for you – the VIPEdge system. Toshiba maintains a robust enterprise level IP-based telephony system on the cloud for its clients. For a easily affordable monthly cost, Toshiba’s VIPedge offers all the communication features of a massive call center.

  • Zero capital expense and low operational expense
  • Superior sound quality
  • Only a fixed monthly fee to get access to a cloud-telephony system
  • No costly software upgrades
  • Proper space management and space saving
  • No System management costs
  • Great survivability through the cloud
  • All features of IPEdge are available
  • Unified messaging with voicemail
  • Call manager facility with call control facility from a PC
  • Find-me and follow-me call routing facility offered by its mobility solution
  • Full Unified Communications including find-me, follow-me, control from PC, presence and instant messaging.

IP Telephone Devices in Denver

The Office Phone offers the latest Toshiba range of IP phones for its customers in Denver. We are offering the Toshiba IP – 5000 series phones. These phones are considered to be the best in the world of IP telephony. Features that come piggybacking with these phones are:

  • Lightening fast network access through the Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  • Clear backlit display for enhanced readability
  • Handset or speaker to make Off Hook Call Announcement
  • Programmable to set a variety of calling functions

IP telephones are the latest devices that can withstand long workplace grind. These telephone systems can be easily used with the existing computer network in an office and can be used to make calls while simultaneously connecting through wired or wireless systems to the Internet. Businesses in Denver can expect to cut down on their telecommunication overhead and increase their bottom line. IP phones can be used to connect to a private network or the Internet to make/receive calls from anywhere in the world.

IP/VoIP Mobility Solutions in Denver

The Office Phone’s range of Toshiba IP products offers the best mobility solutions for businesses in Denver. Toshiba’s SoftIPT Softphone helps businesses to stay connected with their clients through their Local Area Network (LAN) or Wireless LAN. There are also a range of other Toshiba IP phones like Wireless SIP DECT IP4100 that facilitates greater mobility by using the IPedge or Strata CIX system. The uMobility Solution from Toshiba can be used to get access to the telecommunication system via a smartphone. You can stay connected with your colleagues and clients even when you are not in the office.

The Office Phone & Telecommunication in Denver

The Office Phone has been serving Denver, Aurora, Ft. Collins, Englewood, and Thornton for a long time with advanced solutions for its clients. Working with companies such as Toshiba and Panasonic, we deliver and support the complete range of products and services needed for a modern communication infrastructure.

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