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Englewood is located in the state of Colorado and is a Home Rule Municipality situated in Arapahoe County. The population of the city is 30,255 and is the twentieth most populous city of the state. There are many companies in the city that provide a necessary boost to the economy of the region. Private, as well as public corporations, provide employment to 3/4th of the city’s population. The city also is home many well established small and medium sized businesses.

Voip & video conferencing englewoodThe search for new opportunities cannot be complete without a robust telecommunication system. Communication is the backbone of every business, and to enter into new markets or find new customers, it is necessary to maintain a highly effective communication framework. Telecommunication systems have undergone immense changes in the recent past and some technologies that are in vogue are VoIP, IP Telephony, Cloud Telephony, Digital Phones, and Video Conferencing. These technologies can use the existing computer network in the office along with the internet to transmit voice data signals. The cost of these products and services are relatively low compared to the telecom systems of old.

IP/VoIP Communication in Englewood

The latest VoIP or IP telephony technology has become very popular among companies that are looking to cut down on their overhead, and at the same time maintain constant and effective communication with their clients and employees. Englewood based businesses are switching to the latest Cloud and VoIP telephony systems. These systems are very user friendly and can be installed within a very short time period. One of the best features of these telephone systems is that they require minimal sophisticated hardware for the user end, saving space and improving usability.

The Office Phone Offers IP Telephony in Englewood

business phones englewoodThe Office Phone takes pleasure in introducing the latest telecommunication products from leading manufacturers like Toshiba, Avaya and Panasonic to the city of Englewood. We offer a wide range of products and services and other communication enhancing technologies like VoIP, IP Telephony, Cloud Telephony, Digital Phones, and Video Conferencing. We have a dedicated team of highly qualified technicians who have been trained by our partner companies.

Our approach is pretty simple when it comes to analyzing the needs of our customers and providing the best possible solution to them. Our team visits the customer’s office or site and works with them closely to uncover all requirements. Once this is done, we propose the best possible telecommunication technology that suits the needs and fits budget of the customer. As soon as we get an approval from the customer, we go ahead with the installation and training process.

The Office Phone has a very capable team, and can handle a variety of requirements. We not only install new telecommunication systems, but also provide maintenance, repair and system upgrade services. Our team is professional and courteous and have been trained by some of the most experienced technicians in the field of telecommunications.

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