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Stunning HD Video Conferencing in Englewood

One goal that every business owner wants to achieve is efficient and effective business operation. This leads them into trying new approaches to get meetings scheduled and alternate methods for accomplishing the job at hand. Everything that a business owner does in order to get a project completed needs to be done without any hiccups. Video conferencing is an advanced tool that helps the business owner accomplish their goals easily by fostering great communication and collaboration. Video conferencing promotes new ways to communicate with customers and employees. It works to remove any communication bottleneck that might hinder the progress of a project and helps determine the flaws in business processes by providing a visual documentation of production. Meetings for executives can be easily arranged with the help of video conferencing.

Video Conferencing EnglewoodThere are many instances where it is not economically feasible to visit the client’s office. In such a scenario, video conferencing proves to be a life saver. Presentations can be given over a video conference without any hassles. Video conferencing proves to be a very affordable medium, as the expenses of the travel fare and hotel stays can quickly climb out of control. Companies that are running on low budgets can use video conferencing to their advantage. Video conferences enable the company to understand the requirements of their clients easily with a one on one interaction.

Company owners and executives can give presentations through video conferencing, even when the client and the company executives are separated by thousands of miles. These presentations can have a impact almost identical to a face to face meeting. Volume and display fidelity can be easily adjusted for the best quality, making the conference as effective and realistic as possible. Modern cameras can cover a wide angle so everyone in a room can be included. With high definition video and high quality audio, video conferencing is a very viable alternative to a physical meeting.

Video Conferencing Strategy in Englewood

Every company needs to lay down their VC strategy before going ahead with the deployment of video conferencing. Businesses have certain goals that they want to achieve and video conferencing strategy needs to be in line with those goals. This enables faster growth of the company and helps avoid any form of confusion. It should be the priority of a business owner to make every vested employee aware of the implementation of the VC strategy. Some of things that need to be included in a VC strategy are:

  • Focus on three features of the VC strategy – technical, operational and usability
  • Interoperability between PC based conferencing and room based solution
  • Strategy for providing extended support to employees at remote locations through visual solutions
  • Employee feedback during adoption and deployment must be outlined
  • Business improvement processes should be aligned with the visual technology to determine the problems in business processes
  • Mobility solutions to integrate video conferencing with smartphones must also be outlined
  • Integration of the video conferencing with the unified communications of the company

End Points and Room Design for Video Conferencing in Englewood

conferencing solution englewoodEnd points are the different hardware and software systems required for controlling a video conference system. It is important for the company to find out the hardware and software that is required for deploying a video conferencing system. All the end points need to be connected to the video conferencing system so that everyone attending the conference can easily hear, as well as see what’s going on. Room acoustics and lighting play an important part to the quality of the conference as well.

The VC room needs to accommodate various pieces of equipment for the video conferencing system. Sound absorption, display, seating, mics, etc. comprise a VC system. It is important to list and procure all the hardware that is needed to set up the end points of the video conference system effectively.

Video Conferencing Infrastructure in Englewood

The Office Phone is offering the latest in advanced VC infrastructure and VC solutions from Panasonic. Here is a list of hardware that we offer and install for a video conferencing system:

  1. Display screen
  2. HD audio full duplex 360 degree microphone
  3. HD video camcorders with remote and a VPN router
  4. Main codec box

The Panasonic VC500 package, for example, includes all the above hardware. It has a 50” plasma TV, HD Main Codec box, HD Audio Full Duplex 360 degree microphone, 2 HD Video Camcorders with remote and a VPN Router. The components are manufactured by Panasonic and a purchase includes free installation and 1 year warranty.

Usage and Adoption of Video Conferencing in Englewood

Installation of a video conference system is not the end of the task, its just the beginning. Usage and adoption policies form a very important part of the installation. All the employees who may handle the video conference system need to be provided with the requisite training before they can start arranging or even attending video conferences. If the VC strategy document contains clear instructions regarding feedback from employees, it will be easier during deployment and usage phases.

The video conference system should only be utilized when the function and control of the system is clearly understood by everyone and real time test conferences need to be arranged to make sure the new system is working as expected.

Operations and Management of Video Conferencing in Englewood

The Office Phone has partnered with Panasonic and is offering installation and training for all their new customers. This enables you to understand the finer points of the system, with advice and assistance from trained professionals. We also provide in house training and maintenance services.

We closely follow all the operations of the video conference system at the time of installation and even continue to keep a watch during the training period. This promotes proper testing before the system is handed over to you for full-fledged use.

Get in touch with us today for all your video conferencing needs in Englewood. With our experience and the products we offer, you will have one of the best video conferencing facility in the world.

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