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The significance of an efficient and effective telecommunication system is understood by every business owner. The migration from the old analog telephone systems is one obvious outcome of this understanding. IP telephony or VOIP telephony has given an opportunity to small business owners across Englewood to compete with larger business concerns. They can now appear to be a local, national, and even international business by switching to an IP telephone system.  VoIP telephony is a service that can be subscribed to by any user who wants to use the internet to make and receive calls. This service is generally provided by a third party who maintains a cloud based telephone system that can be accessed, in lieu of a fixed price.

High flexibilityIP telephony or VoIP telephony systems come loaded with a lot of advanced telecommunication features like large call volume handling, video/audio call conferencing, and integration with smart phones etc. There are obvious advantages of using IP or VoIP telephony and some of the most valuable ones are listed below:

  • Access from several platforms
  • Huge volume of call handling
  • Cheaper long distance calls
  • Employees and clients can stay in constant touch
  • Can be plugged to the existing network

Pure IP Telephone Systems in Englewood

Businesses across the country are migrating to IP telephony systems and Englewood is no different. These phone systems are really user friendly and are easy to install too. One of the best things about IP telephones is that they can help companies whittle down their communication expenses by quite a few notches. IP phones are not as complex as the old telephone systems that many companies still possess in their offices. They are very easy to use and people can make and receive calls at any point in time regardless of their location.

The Office Phone is proud to offer one of the most advanced IP phone systems in the world – Toshiba’s IPEdge. The IPEdge system comes in three models – EP that supports up to 40 users per server, EC that supports up to 200 users and EM that supports up to 1000 users.

The IPEdge offer standard call processing, voice mail and an easy browser based system administration. It also features unified messaging, meet-me audio and video conferencing, and web collaboration. It also supports unified communications through its Call Manager.

The advanced features supported by IPEdge include the following:

  • Easy to use and manage. IPedge is incredibly easy to use. The phones function very similar to a PSTN phone.
  • A single IPEdge server to manage everything – from calls to voice mail to unified messaging, audio and video conferencing, and unified communications.
  • Flexible end points installation. IPEdge supports analog, digital, and IP phones, as well as desktops and laptops. You can also use tablets and smartphones.
  • Complete integration with wireless systems to support full mobility to local and remote users.
  • IPEdge supports full Unified Communication with integration to applications such as SaleForce.com, Act!, Outlook and others. Use your PC to chat, to send instant messages, and broadcast. Locate users through presence and send important information to them.
  • IPEdge provides 24/7 survivability through redundancy.

VoIP Telephony in Englewood

VoIP telephony allows users to experience a very reliable communication system in a business. The Office Phone is offering Toshiba’s Strata CIX system, which is one of the leading VoIP technologies in the market. This is a perfect system for companies that handle large call volumes everyday day. The Strata CIX system is here to help businesses meet their communication goals by providing unhindered business communication. Some of the benefits of using a VoIP telephone system are:

  • Analysis of the call patterns facilitates better call management
  • Restriction on long distance calls
  • Easy access to high-speed digital services
  • It is cheaper and can make optimum use of the internet connection
  • Calls can be automatically routed to cheaper carriers or lines
  • Calls through IP and PSTN lines
  • Mobility solutions through WLAN
  • Unlimited growth as your company grows

Cloud Telephony Solutions in Englewood

Cloud Telephone EnglewoodThe Office Phone is offering Toshiba’s VIPedge cloud telephony solution to all the business owners in Englewood. Toshiba has hosted an award winning enterprise and call center call IP-PBX on the cloud for you.

If you are small but growing company and want to test the waters before jumping into IP communication, VIPedge is an ideal solution. You get all the features of IPEdge and pay only a monthly subscription charge based on your usage. Within the office, all you need is an Internet connection, and suddenly it is like having a full fledge IP communication systems to use.

Some of the powerful features being offered by this communication system are:

  • Zero capital expenditure on communication systems
  • Fixed monthly fee to get access to full IP Communication
  • Great survivability through the cloud
  • Business telephone features are all available
  • Unified messaging with voicemail
  • No costly software upgrades
  • Space management and space saving at the office
  • No System management costs
  • Call manager facility with call control facility from a PC
  • Find-me and follow-me call routing facility offered by its mobility solution
  • Expansion through users, locations and application.

Digital Telephones in Englewood

We are also offering the Toshiba IP – 5000 series phones that have some of the most amazing features.

  • Gigabit Ethernet Switch for lightening fast network access
  • Cool backlit display for improved readability
  • Call back facility
  • Voice mail
  • Handset or speaker to make Off Hook Call Announcement
  • Programmable to set a variety of calling functions

IP/VoIP Mobility Solutions in Englewood

Toshiba’s SoftIPT Softphone facilitates seamless communication with clients through their Local Area Network (LAN) or Wireless LAN. Other Toshiba IP phones like Wireless SIP DECT IP4100 improve mobility by using the IPedge or Strata CIX system. The uMobility Solution can be used to connect to the communication system with the help of a smartphone.

The Office Phone and IP Communication in Englewood

The Office Phone has been serving businesses of Denver, Aurora, Englewood, Ft. Collins and Thornton with some of the most advanced IP communication and conferencing solutions. Call us today for all your communication and conferencing needs.

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