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Stunning HD Video Conferencing in Fort Collins

Businesses are established with a goal of running smoothly and effectively. With the costs of operation rising, business owners are trying out new approaches in order to get a job done. All the actions taken by the owner are directed towards achieving efficient operation and increase sales. Video conferencing is one such tool that allows for new and effective practices to drive sales and improve communication. It opens up new opportunities for business owners to determine problems in the business process and eliminate them through proper and timely communication. Client communication is a very significant part of a business, but its not always possible to meet the clients in person. This might cause certain communication gaps, which eventually can ruin business prospects. Video conference comes in handy in such a situation – it is as good as meeting the client in person. Executives and business owners can clearly understand the client requirements by arranging a video conference where they are be able to see and hear their clients.

Video Conferencing Fort CollinsVideo conferencing is a great tool that saves  companies thousands of dollars a year, that would otherwise be spent on travelling and hotel stays. With rising travel costs, it is often not feasible or affordable to visit the client’s office, but these costs can be cut significantly by arranging a video conference. Video conferencing technology provides an opportunity to the executives and business owners to give presentations to clients, while being miles away. The latest video conferencing tech even allows for PowerPoint and spreadsheet presentations. Thus, clients are  glad to see that their needs are being clearly attended to and the business owners are happy to have saved thousands of dollars.

The user-friendly technologies that power the latest video conferencing solutions are loaded with many features. These features ensure that the video conferencing system is tuned and optimized to perfection, suiting many different types of conferencing needs. A video conference system can be adjusted and optimized to suit the audio and visual needs of any conference hall or room. Thus, everyone attending the conference will be able to clearly hear and see the proceedings well. This advance toolset requires professional training to get the users ready to use the system so, prior to starting with a video conference, all the necessary personnel should undergo the system training.

Video Conferencing Strategy in Fort Collins

A VC strategy is the documented approach of goals to be achieved through the introduction of a video conferencing system and the means of achieving it. The VC strategy should be in line with the company’s goals. A very detailed approach is needed while sketching the VC strategy as the introduction of a new technology implies that everyone needs to be comfortable while using it. This is the reason why every employee should be aware of the VC strategy and there is should a proper feedback system in place at the time of installation and deployment. The requirements of the company should also be placed in the document so that everyone is aware of the same. Here is a list of the elements that should find a place in a VC strategy:

  • Technical specifications, operational ability and usability should be of price focus
  • Visual solutions should be made available to the employees at remote locations
  • Employee feedback plays a very important role during the adoption and deployment phase, so this should be clearly outlined in the VC strategy
  • Interoperability between PC based conferencing and room related solution must be outlined
  • Visual technology should be aligned with the business processes to determine any flaws that might harm the workflow and productivity
  • Unified communication should be supported by the new VC strategy
  • Mobility solutions through the use of smartphones must also be noted

End Points and Room Design for Video Conferencing in Fort Collins

conferencing solution fort collinsEnd points are the different types of software and hardware solutions that are needed to manage and control a video conference system. While drawing up the VC strategy, a comprehensive list of the hardware and software that would be required should be drawn up. The end points must be connected with the video consoles so that there is no disruption while the conference is in progress.

The VC room too has to be refurbished in a manner that it augments the video conference in every possible way. Acoustics, seating arrangement, mics, display, absorption etc. should form the components of the complete room design. It is important to redo the room in a manner that suits the needs of a video conference aptly.

Video Conferencing Infrastructure in Fort Collins

The Phone Office is offering the latest VC infrastructure and VC solutions from Panasonic. The hardware requirements for a standard video conferencing system are as follows:

  1. Display screen
  2. Main codec box
  3. HD audio full duplex 360 microphone
  4. HD video camcorders with remote and a VPN router

Panasonic’s VC500 Package has all the above mentioned hardware. It has a 50” plasma TV, HD Main Codec box, HD Audio Full Duplex 360 Microphone, 2 HD Video Camcorders with remote and a VPN Router. All the components are indigenously made by the company and it also includes installation and 1 year warranty support.

Usage and Adoption of video conferencing in Fort Collins

It is also important to outline the usage and adoption strategy of the VC system and this should be taken care through the employee feedback system. The video conferencing system should be put to use only when all the employees are confident about the working procedures. The Office Phone takes care of the training needs of their customer’s employees, so learning about the adoption and usage will get easy.

Operations and Management of Video Conferencing in Fort Collins

We have partnered with Panasonic to offer the best installation and training facility for all our customers. It will help the users understand about the video conferencing system quickly and implement their learning in a proper manner. Our trained professionals would take care of the operations and management of the VC system in the most appropriate manner. Our trained technicians are here to extend their help so just give us a call!

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