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The telecommunication industry has undergone massive change in recent years and IP telephony systems are generating movement across the playing field. Businesses across the city of Fort Collins are embracing the newest in IP and VoIP technologies in order to add some backbone to their communication systems. The significance of a robust communication system is known to all. Most of the business owners in Fort Collins are opting for IP or VoIP telephony systems as they are considered to be the most cost effective and the most efficient telecommunication systems.

Great flexibilityIP and VoIP are the preferred telecommunication systems because of some of the amazing features that they offers. Priority call routing, handling of large call volumes, video/audio call conferencing, and integration with smart phones are a few of the features that makes this service unique. Given below are some of the benefits that one can expect from IP or VoIP telephony:

  • Access across several platforms
  • Large volume of call handling
  • Cheap call rates
  • Maintaining a perpetual communication with employees and clients

IP Telephone Communication in Fort Collins

The Office Phone presents Toshiba’s IPEgde, a state-of-the-art IP phone system. Available in three configurations – EP supporting 40 users, EC supporting 200 users, and EM supporting 1000 users – all IPEdge servers deliver fantastic performance for IP telephony. Using the Internet as a transportation medium, you can keep in touch with all employees, vendors, and clients 24/7 without worrying about communication costs.

The IPEdge support for mobility allows you and your employees to stay in touch even when you are mobile. Using a smartphone, you can make calls from the IPEdge server as well as receive important calls from your customers. The mobility solution also frees you from being tied to the desk. Continue your call on your smart phone or move to a colleague’s desk and continue the call.

The IPEdge IP communication system supports the following features:

  • A single server that supports all functions – from call management to unified communications.
  • Collaboration – dial in into a video conference. Share desktop application with colleagues and external parties.
  • Flexible end points that can be programmed by the user to suit his tastes.
  • Extremely easy to use. IP phone have easy to read LCDs that deliver specific instruction and control.
  • Mobility within the office and outside. Within the office, IPEdge supports all its functions on a Wireless LAN. Outside, use your smart phone to connect to the IPEdge server.
  • Flexible voicemail processing that enables you to attend each and every call.
  • Integration with applications such as Act!, Outlook etc., to provide full unified communication. Use presence to locate colleagues. Transfer call to your CFO when there is some need for financial information. Send important information to the person at the other end.

VoIP Telephony in Fort Collins

IPedge Fort Collins

VoIP telephony is by far the cheapest and the most reliable telephonic communication system. Businesses in Fort Collins are switching to modern technology to make the most of this new platform. The Strata CIX system from Toshiba is being offered by The Office Phone in Fort Collins. This is the best telephony solution for companies that handle large call volumes every day. The Strata CIX system is fit to handle the workload and manage the calls for modern businesses. Some of the benefits offered by VoIP telephone system are as follows:

  • IN-depth analysis of call patterns to facilitate better call management
  • Priority based restriction on long distance calls
  • Fast access to high-speed digital services
  • Makes optimum use of cheap internet connection
  • Automatic call routing to cheaper carriers or lines

Cloud Telephony Solutions in Fort Collins

With every IT solution moving to the cloud, it is time that we start using the cloud for telecommunication purposes too. Cloud telephony service provides access to cloud computing systems by using several applications that establish connections with the existing communication system from remote locations. In cloud telephony, the subscribing company does not need to maintain any hardware or software to make or receive calls. It is the cloud telephony service providing company like Toshiba that takes care of the centralized maintenance and upgrades. The business owners just need to subscribe to a package in accordance to their budget and needs.

Toshiba’s VIPedge cloud telephony solution is being offered by The Office Phone to the businesses in Fort Collins. Toshiba offers a reliable cloud telephony service that uses the latest technology to offer the best features on the market. Toshiba’s VIPedge is loaded with several features and advantages. Here is a list of the most popular ones:

  • Zero capital expenditure on a telephony system
  • Fixed monthly fee and no other costs
  • Centralized software upgrades at no extra costs
  • Better space management and space saving at office
  • No additional costs for system management
  • Survivability ensured through the cloud
  • All Business telephone system features are integrated
  • Voicemail with Unified messaging
  • Call manager and PC based call control facility
  • Find-me and follow-me call routing facility offered by its mobility solution
  • Full support for unified communications

IP Telephones in Fort Collins

The Office Phone is offering the latest Toshiba IP – 5000 series phones that not only are sleek looking, but are also packed with some awesome features like:

  • Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  • Can be programmed for different calling functions
  • Backlit display that enhances readability
  • Handset or speaker to make Off Hook Call Announcement

IP/VoIP Mobility Solutions in Fort Collins

With Wireless LAN, Strata CIX, IPEdge and VIPedge can support full mobility within the office.
Toshiba’s SoftIPT Softphone delivers the look and all the functions of a advanced digital phone on your laptop or PC.

IP phones like Wireless SIP DECT IP4100 facilitates greater mobility while using the IPedge or Strata CIX system. The uMobility Solution can be used on smartphones to make them act as extensions to your IP-PBX systems.

Cordless telephones give you the ability to take calls while walking around the office.

The Office Phone and Communication in Fort Collins

The Office Phone has been offering advanced communication and conferencing solutions to its clients in Denver, Aurora, Fort Collins, Englewood, and Thornton. We have all manner of possible solutions for your IP communication needs. Call us today.

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