iMeet – Audio and Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing

iMeet lets people meet face-to-face online from anywhere, anytime – helping companies save money on travel expenses and improve productivity.


iMeet brings individuals together in a richer, more dynamic collaboration environment. It is a fully integrated audio, web and desktop video conferencing solution.


Face-to-face meetings from anywhere to anywhere.

So, why use lame web conferencing when you can get your own meeting room online. Complete with a conference call connection and unlimited video and web, as well as desktop/screen sharing.

Powerful Mobile Conferencing

Fully-featured mobile meetings in the palm of your hand, allowing you to be productive and run your business from anywhere. Invite, chat, share and connect.

Low-Bandwidth HD video.

Finally! There’s a product on the market that perfected the balance between low-bandwidth and high-quality video. You guessed it: iMeet.

Free and easy for guests.

Your guests will love meeting you in iMeet. It’s free for them, no downloads or memberships required. It’s iMeet. Believe the hype.

The Office Phone is a proud partner and reseller of iMeet, and we would love to give more info on how iMeet can improve and expand your business.

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