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World Traveler: Phone System MobilityThere are a variety of mobility solutions and options for phone systems, some can get you dozens of feet from your desk, and some that you can take across the globe. To start with, if you need to be able to make and receive calls while moving around your office there are various headset and cordless handset options.

Headsets can get you a range of about 10 – 50 feet from the base station, and depending on the cordless handset, you can get close to a few hundred feet. This means that no matter the size of your premise, you can be sure you will stay connected.

If you need to get a bit more range out of your phone, there are long range cordless handset options that get you upwards of a couple miles from the base station, which is great for school campuses and large medical facilities.

If you need to be a world traveler there are also cell phone apps that let you control various aspects of your phone system, like checking voicemail and making and receiving calls. This option is also great if you travel around locally and need consistent access to your system and calls.

There are also options for IP based phone systems, that allow you or your employees to have desk phones located at their home, or where ever they need to jack in. This is also great for businesses with multiple locations, or that have mobile locations.

On top of all these things, there are plenty of useful features, including one-number calling, that provide convenience to your customers. We would love to help you research and decide on which phone system mobility options might be best for you and your business.

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