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On-site, or premise based phone system solutions are phone systems where all of the equipment necessary to run your system is installed on location, at your business. This is the most traditional way of getting a phone system, but in many cases it is also the best way.

Most telecom companies are pushing cloud based phone systems right now, and with good reason. Cloud systems provide a lot of convenience to customers and are easier to maintain for vendors. However, there are many different applications in which a premised based system would trump the cloud, such as law offices, financial institutions, and medical facilities, all of which need to be sure they have secure communication and many times require special features that are best implemented with an on-site solution, such as call recording or nurse call features.

Premise based phone systems, have a much higher upfront cost, but once you own the system there are only fees for your telephone service, and no equipment charges beyond maintenance. We have great financing options to minimize the initial impact of the cost of the system as well, so if it is determined that a premise based system is right for you, you needn’t worry about shelling out thousands of dollars right off the bat.

We would love to discuss the different options for phone systems that we have, we carry world class brands such as Avaya, Panasonic, and Toshiba, and all of the beautiful phone systems are feature rich, which means we can meet just about any need you might have.

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