Welcome Partner.

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Being a Partner with The Office Phone comes with many options and resources to get you results fast.

Check out the tiers below to see which Partner program is the best fit for you and/or your company.

Affiliate Partner

Perfect for:

  • Bloggers
  • Webmasters
  • Social Media Gurus

Utilize tradition word of mouth marketing as well as tools provided by The Office Phone to get the word out to your network and make a bit of spare cash! Tell your list of friends and colleagues, or post our clean and direct sales banners to your web site, and get the most out of your network!


Agent Partner

Perfect for:

  • Salesmen
  • Technicians
  • Technology Aficionado

Are you the consummate salesman, or a technician looking to expand his field of interest and make a little extra cash? Become an Agent Partner of The Office Phone and get a full suite of specialized training, support materials, and Agent Partner agreement to start selling our full array of products today!


Advantage Partner

Perfect For:

  • Companies
  • Small Businesses

Are you looking to expand your offerings without adding expensive infrastructure? Then the Advantage Partner program by The Office Phone is perfect for you. Let us take care of what we do best for your new customers, and in return we will send our leads your way when we run into situations you are best suited for. It’s a win-win only available with The Office Phone.


We Also Have A Sweet Referral Program!

You know people, and we know people, lets work together and have the best of both worlds. Every situation is different, but lets talk to each other and find out the best solution to a referral program that will benefit all of us.