browser_128pxSoftphones are pieces of software you can run on your computer and use to make and receive phone calls, do pretty much anything a hardware phone can, and have access to many other cool and valuable features. Depending on the phone system and software that goes along with it, you can even control all necessary aspects of operation from your softphone.

There are varying levels of softphones, from complete call manger suites to general hardware phone emulation. The later does exactly what it sounds like, its just like the hardware phone you can have sitting on your desk. The real power of softphones comes in to play when you opt for a call manager suite. Call managers can do a huge number of things, including all the normal features of a hardware phone, but some of the more critical and valuable things are:

  • Who’s calling whom? – Know who is on the line at all times.
  • How long were you talking?Track call lengths and call times.
  • Where were you? –  Laptops allow for great mobility options!
  • and More!

The Office Phone has a number of systems and options for softphone integration and we would be happy to discuss all the options with you today.

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