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THE OFFICE PHONE LLC is experienced in working with a variety of industries who often have very different needs. It is our joy to be able to provide detailed information to you, what ever your specific needs may be. We have installed and provided support to industries including various forms of health care and assisted living institutions, hospitality and recreation providers, realty offices and law firms, government agencies and more.

doctorWe offer products, services, and solutions such as nursecall and key systems, that increase your ability to provide service and care to your customers dramatically. We know that it is essential to show how much you care about your customers, and we try to show how much we care by providing you with the best resources to make educated decisions.

Every niche has its unique needs, and our staff works diligently to understand your industry and business, so we can be sure that you are being taken care of in the way that adds the most value to you and your business.

lawyerWe understand the need for more flexibility and better collaboration, and its our desire to provide you with the best solution that will not only improve these areas but will increase your ability to save time and money, simplify your workflow, increase your hours billable, and lower your overhead costs. Whether you need to simply your reservation system and fill more rooms, or you need record and track your clients calls, we will help you find the right solution.

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