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Financial Services

Today’s world wide economy is a fluid, untamable, and ever changing beast. Its a cutthroat game and any missed call or action could mean a loss of thousands of dollars in your revenue. You need to have constant and consistent avenues of making sure any deal that comes to the table is instantly acted upon. To ensure you are picking up every client you can, you need to make sure you have an efficient, effective, and robust system of communication. In order to achieve this, financial service businesses are looking at advancements in telecommunications technology, such as VoIP and IP phone systems, video conferencing solutions, and video surveillance systems. If you want to pick up speed and generate high volumes of quality clients, you need to contact The Office Phone today.

finance_01_imgThere are needs that range from national commercial banks down to local banks with only two or three branches, or large accounting firms down to a small CPA office that services taxes and keeps books for other small to medium sized businesses. There are stock brokers who need instantaneous connection to information, investors who need a global view and reach on the market, as well as an array of credit unions and other money management and handling companies who must be able to keep data moving. All of these businesses and people share common goals. They strive to provide excellent service to their customers, maintain customer loyalty, increase profits for their customers as well as themselves, and to keep all their clients’ data and other information safe and secure.

Financial Services Communication Technology

All too often there are innovations that come along in technology that supercharge productivity and increase profit intake. Although these things may be fantastic at what they do, they often come with a high cost. How often do you call into customer a service desk where you are forced into a dialogue with a machine, and routed through winding paths of wrong departments and poor quality smooth jazz music while waiting to have your needs met? The dangers of adding more tech to your communication chain are palpable.

banks_imgFortunately there is good news, you can emulate the friendly openness of an operator at the switchboards of old, and still utilize the best in class technology of the day. For large financial institutions, as well as your everyday CPA, you can be sure that there are resources and solutions that are perfect for your communication needs.

The Office Phone happily provides an array of products that can open new doors of opportunity for your customers. With features like interactive voice response and call-back managers, you can add a sense of personality, and get your customers talking to real people as quickly as possible, or even at a later point which is best suited for them. We offer world class solutions from brands like Toshiba, Panasonic, and Avaya with a line of products including VoIP and IP phone systems, digital and hybrid phone systems, video conferencing solutions, and a plethora of other solutions that are designed to me your needs.

Security Options for Financial Institutions

security_imgOur world can be a dangerous place, even in the places we feel most safe and secure. People are out to steal, and its not just your car or watch that they are after. Data and personal information are a hot commodity on black markets, and your customers want to know that their money, financial information, and other data is secure when they put it into your hands.

security_02_imgThe Office Phone is a proponent for high quality security solutions, and takes the safety and security of our clients and yours very personally and seriously. No matter your needs, whether they be state of the art surveillance systems or simple integration of stringent communication security policies, we are dedicated to helping you and your customers keep their wallets safe and secure.

Multiple Location Solutions for the Finance Industry

The Office Phone is no stranger to rapid expansion and growth, and we desire to see our clients achieve astonishing heights of success. Your communication systems should be flexible, and have the ability to grow with your business. We know the key of successful expansion is seamless, scaleable integration. So, when you open a new branch or office, you will quickly be able to be up and running, saving your employees and customers from painful headaches. For example, with a cloud based, VoIP phone system, you can easily plug and go with all of the phones in your new locations without fuss or complex premise based hardware installation. Our goal is to make sure that everybody is on the same page, and that your customer service machine is A list.

The More You Know, The More You Grow

Your business excels when you are informed about the best ways of helping your customers and increasing your revenue. When you have the communication channels open, new prospective clients can walk in your door and be acted upon immediately, and with easy to use technology like VoIP and other cloud based telecommunication systems, there are a number of ways of increasing your effectiveness and efficiency. If you would like to know more about the ways you can create a robust and stellar communication environment in your business, please contact us so you can start growing right away.

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