The Truth About VoIP

The internet can be a place of great knowledge and wisdom, but when anybody can post their whims and feelings about anything, it can also be a place of murky understanding and misinformation. It is The Office Phone’s desire to share with you, unbiased and objective information about VoIP. It’s a relatively new technology and the world is still trying to get a clear picture of it, and wrap its head around what it means for the future.


Our proverbial Sasquatch, VoIP is a somewhat illusive term, and sometimes means different things to different people. Lets break down the name and try to shed some light on what it is at a basic level:

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. What this really means is that you are sending voice data across the very same channels that you use for your internet data. It can be pretty technical, but what you need to know is, if you have internet access, you are VoIP capable in some capacity.

There is a great deal of misinformation on the internet regarding features and benefits that only VoIP phone systems offer. Many customers call The Office Phone saying “we want a VoIP phone system“. Because this term has become so misused and hyped, we usually start with some basic questions to determine

  1. why the customer is asking for VoIP;
  2. does the customer really need VoIP; and
  3. is the customers premises capable of handling VoIP.

Once we have established these parameters, we are in a much better position to advise the customer whether they really do need a VoIP phone system, or whether a hybrid (partial VoIP) or non VoIP phone system will satisfy their needs and budget.

Because VoIP is built on top of the internet, certain things that you would expect of a traditional phone system may not be present. For example, if your internet service goes down, so does your phone service. There are ways to mitigate this issue, but it usually adds to the overall cost of the VoIP system.

VoIP is not CloudAnother misconception about VoIP phone systems is they are often confused with Cloud or hosted phone systems. While it is true that Cloud phone systems are VoIP based, they are not synonymous. You can have a Cloud based VoIP phone system or a premise based VoIP phone system and there are advantages and disadvantages for both types.

The Office Phone offers a full suite of premise based and cloud based phone systems, traditional pbx, hybrid and pure VoIP phone systems. We offer this variety because we believe every customer deserves to make the right choice for them, not the right choice for us.