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Stunning HD Video Conferencing in Thornton

We are in an era where technology is expanding rapidly and communication channels have become further systematic and widespread. With this telecommunication revolution, a radical transformation has occurred in our economic society. Once, Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone was a surprise invention, then one by one, phones evolved. Pagers and cell phones became familiar to the people across the globe. Computer engineers in Europe, America and Asia are developing new systems to ease and spread telecommunication channels more accurately. For a long time, email served as the quickest medium of info from one corner of the planet to other. This is changing dramatically.

video conferencing thornton coSystematic and new communication systems have proven highly beneficial for the growth and expansion of business. However, a new innovation is once again transforming  the telecommunications industry. This latest technology is video conferencing. Prior to this, business persons had to visit numerous manufacturing/trading locations or offices and meet the staff for strategy meetings or conferences, but now you can easily meet your staff anywhere in the world and discuss strategies sitting in your own chair at your office, using video and web conferencing technology.

Video conferencing facilities are available in most the big cities. Thornton has a great demand for video conference facilities. We are proud to bring world class video conferencing systems into Thornton with a mission to transform Thornton into an info hub for the future. With our video conferencing systems, see your business grow by leaps and bounds. Install a state of the art communication system and have an edge over your competitors.

Benefits of video and web conferencing at a glance –

  1. For professionals from all types of business to meet the long distance across the company or with clients to discuss and prepare strategy or make decisions, video conferencing is a quick and easy solution.
  2. You can talk to anyone at any place on the planet with live video streaming and voice data.
  3. No need to go to any other office, out-station or foreign land to meet or discuss business proposals or provide solution and decision-making. You now can do all these sitting in your own office with the help of a video conferencing system.
  4. It is a cost effective solution, as you have no expenditure for visiting other cities or countries. With simple video conferencing system facilities, your travelling and hectic schedule can be stress free. You can concentrate and focus on other business matters, thanks to video conferencing.
  5. Many organizations have video conferencing facilities installed and you can easily discuss business proposals with other companies anytime, any number of times.
  6. Video conferencing facilitates faster customer support, decision making and helps solve management problems with ease.
  7. Doctors, engineers, cloud based educational institutions and even courts of law are using video conferencing for advice, solutions or cases.
  8. Video conferencing is also ideal for call centers and any sort of customer service desk for quick concerns and other solutions or advice.

Video Conferencing Strategy In Thornton

conferencing solution thorntonSimplifying video conferencing is our goal for the people of Thornton. We proudly bring world-class video conferencing solutions by Panasonic. The Panasonic Full HD Video with 360° Audio Video Conferencing is a state of the art product. Panasonic VC 500 provides caters to your requirements with crystal sound and HD picture quality. It will help create that you are in face to face with your staff. You can easily link with three different locations just by an additional handheld and mobile camera at each location. The system can be customized according to your requirements. Panasonic VC500 delivers full HD video quality, even down to 3 Mbps in comparison to 6 Mbps for other systems, keeping your budget under control with low bandwidth. Panasonic VC500 includes a 50” plasma TV, HD main codec box, HD Audio Full Duplex 360 Microphone, a VPN Router, and 2 HD Video Camcorders with remote. The pack comes with 1 year Panasonic Full Warranty and customer support.

Setting up Video Conferencing at your Place

  1. The Video Conferencing Room size depends how many people will take part in a conference, normally, an 18 feet by 18 feet space is adequate with each seat having 2 feet of table space.
  2. A camera will be able to capture 2 participants seating three feet from the camera; four participants six feet from the camera; five or six participants positioned at least 10 feet from the camera, and so on; You have to consider the chair width and table shape accordingly.
  3. Background surface behind the participants and the table- top should be non- reflective.
  4. Windows treatment should be properly done to eliminate sunlight and keep control over room lighting. You can use vertical linings or curtains. The material must be plain in texture with light grey or blue color. Curtains should be loosely kept so that no sharp vertical line causes auto focus cameras to focus on the curtain instead the subject.
  5. Acoustic properties are also an important concern for video conference room planning. Ambient noise may affect video conferencing environment. Video conference rooms should not be beside furnace or mechanical rooms; avoid rooms that have air exchange systems on the ceiling; Avoid rooms having window air-conditioners.
  6. Fluorescent lights are recommended for best performance.

Adoption, Operations & Management of Video Conferencing in Thornton

We do not believe in just selling our products and being done with it. We understand your requirements want to provide the best of advice and support while you adopt your own video conferencing facilities. Our team of experts can advise on how to create the best video conferencing environment at your office and what the best options for you are. We also offer in house trainings to our clients so they can proper understand the system and about how to operate and manage it. With our assistance, experience a whole new world of video conferencing and see your business climb to new heights of success.

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