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Perhaps the greatest boon to humanity is the ability to express ourselves by words and emotions. Since the dawn of human civilization, people have developed language and tried to express their emotions and knowledge through a variety of ways. As time went on and technology has advanced, ways to communicate with one another have witnessed revolutionary stages of continuous development. Alexander Graham Bell, in the latter half of the 19th Century, developed the telephone, which enabled people to speak over long distances. Since then, series of new inventions and developments have ushered in new technologies, one after another. With the advent of mobile phones, another radical change created waves across the globe.

voip phone thornton coNow, another major technology has come in to change the whole communications world. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a new system of making calls with the help of internet. You can now make long distance calls with ease, experience crystal clear sound, and do so at very cheap rates compared to normal telephones. VoIP is indeed a revolution in modern telecommunications.

Whether you are an individual or a business, VoIP and digital telephone systems provide you state of the art telecommunication features at surprisingly at low rates. Today almost all developed and developing nations across Europe, America and Asia have VoIP systems and service providers. All you have to do is to subscribe to a service and use your existing home telephone with an added adapter, a new VoIP dedicated handset, your computer with speakers and mic, laptop, tablet or simply a smartphone to start using VoIP.

Now the best solutions of this telecommunication revolution have entered Thornton, Colorado. Situated just 16km from Denver with a population of about 85,000, Thornton had primarily been an agricultural zone until the 1950s, but with time, the city of Thornton transformed into a metropolitan city with people from various races, religions, and walks of life living and working together peacefully. Today, the city is full of commercial businesses from shopping malls to manufacturing facilities and offices, as well as educational institutions, entertainment parks and clubs. Naturally, all of these modern lifestyle choices create a strong impulse to use latest communication technologies. IP telephony and VoIP systems have given the people of Thornton the power of choice.

Being one of the most reputable telecommunication companies in the area, The Office Phone brings the latest and the very best telecommunication solutions to Thornton, Colorado. We are providing easy telecommunication solutions to individuals, professionals, business establishments and all kinds of institutions with our products.

Select from our wide range of breakthrough products, solutions, and services in Thornton-

  1. IP Communication Systems – We present Toshiba’s latest and state of the art IP Communication systems – the IPEdge System. The IPEdge is capable of empowering you to increase productivity, save money, and improve your level of customer satisfaction. You can now easily keep communication between your employees, vendors and customers under your full control. With IPedge technology, let your business grow by expanding capacity and improving integration between different decentralized locations. Toshiba IPedge comes in 3 exclusive models: IPedge EP (40 users per server), IPedge EP (Supports 200 users per server) and IPedge EM (1000 users per server).
  2. VoIP Communication System – We present the Toshiba Strata CIX System. The Strata CIX system provides Automatic Call Distribution functions to improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. Mix PSTN lines with IP telephony in any combination you like. The Strata CIX system supports 4 to 400 trunk lines and 8 to 1000 users or end points. The Strata CIX system supports all the features of IPEdge.
  3. Cloud based Telephone system Toshiba’s VIPedge™ cloud based telephone solutions now comes to Thornton to boost up your business prospects. Toshiba IPedge® telephone system is a latest technology with richly features. Toshiba VIPedge supports most of the Toshiba’s endpoint devices such as the IPedge, that includes Toshiba’s IP5000 series desk phones. The IP4100 series wireless telephones are also supported. VIPedge provides an alternative to traditional telephone systems. All you have to do is to pay a monthly subscription charge based upon your size and usage. You also do not need to lease or buy the telephone system, making it the most cost effective telephone system.

Rich features include Call manager, voicemail with unified messaging; you can control the calls from a Computer. Backed by Toshiba state of the art technology, VIPedge gives the best telephony solutions for you.

IP Communication Thornton4. IP Telephone Devices– Toshiba’s innovative consoles and telephones are designed to manage all your telephony needs. With user-friendly devices and great features, Toshiba promises high performance levels. All devices support Toshiba’s IP5000 series, IP4100 series, DP-5000 series digital telephones and all IP Telephones. We offer installation, maintenance and post-sales customer service by a team of experts.

5. Toshiba Digital Telephones– Get the best of digital telephones from Toshiba in Thornton. DP-5000 series is a revolutionary product researched and developed by Toshiba in the digital telephone segment. With rich features and state of the art devices, your business will reach new heights of success. Indeed DP-5000 series is the most sophisticated and flexible telecommunication solution for your workplace. The models DP5130-SDL, DP5132-SD, DP5122-SD work with IP/VoIP system perfectly.

Toshiba’s Digital Telephone system features-

  1. Sleek low-profile design and innovative tilt base for easy use
  2. Programmable buttons for advanced functions
  3. Integrated headset interface
  4. Easy to read LCD with feature info
  5. Off hook call announce by handset or speaker

6. IP/VoIP Mobility Solutions– Toshiba offers the best of Mobility Solutions. Stay connected with your staff and customers where ever they might be, when ever they might be there. Mobility solutions empower you to go anywhere, but stay connected to your clients and employees. WLAN provides maximum utility value by using the present WLAN infrastructure. Toshiba Strata CIX, or IPedge integrates along with numerous voice communication features on your IP network, allowing you to extend mobile telephone functions to local or remote users.

Toshiba mobility solutions enable users to:

  1. Go anywhere on the premise with state of the art digital telephones
  2. Use Toshiba phone system features with an IP connectivity anywhere
  3. Use desktop phone features in the whole premise with wireless SIP DECT phones
  4. Synchronize mobile and desktop phones to be reached with a single number
  5. Use a PC or laptop for call management with a mouse without picking up the phone.
  6. Use Apple or Android smartphone as Toshiba’s system extensions.

Now explore our world of Toshiba range of telecommunication solutions and give your business a new edge in Thornton.

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