Unified Communication (UC), also known and Unified Messaging (UM), is the convergence of multiple communication mediums in a consistent interface. Receiving your voicemail in your email inbox is an example of Unified Communication. The Office Phone is an expert source of UC information and will help you discover the benefits it has for your business.

Demand for Unified Communication

(Rough estimates)
  • 2007 17%
  • 2014 78%


From super-powering your email and faxing, to providing the full power of a phone system to workers on the go, UC applications maximize your businesses potential and productivity!

How does it help me?

Unified Communication can benefit businesses of all sizes by improving productivity. Imagine receiving a fax directly in your email inbox, or sending a fax from your computer. Instant Messaging (IM), desktop sharing, speech recognition, text messages (SMS) can all be handled on a single Unified Messaging platform.
With the latest technology advances, Unified Communication has become affordable for even the smallest businesses.

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