Voicemail to Email

mail_128pxVoicemail to Email is a really valuable feature of modern day phone systems. It basically takes all of the voicemail you get in any of the voicemail boxes on your phone system, transcribes them, and then sends the transcribed emails, as well as an optional audio file of the voicemail, to whoever you decide to have them sent to, usually the owner of the the voicemail box.

Its great because you can actually READ and LISTEN to your voicemail, which means you no longer have to sit and listen to take down phone numbers, addresses, and other common notes; its already written down and logged in a easy to organize way. By allowing everybody in your company to have this feature, you eliminate the need to have dedicated assistants, also saving time, and therefore money.

The Office Phone has a number of options for systems with voicemail to email, and we would love to discuss with you how you can integrate this valuable feature and streamline your productivity today. There are many more in-depth features that can go along with voicemail to email, but the important thing to remember is that by streamlining the way you access, record, and archive your communications, you improve productivity and maximize your profit, and thats something we can all agree is a good thing.

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