Zipwhip-LogoBusiness-class text messaging from Zipwhip turns on the text messaging channel for business landlines so that you can send and receive text messages from your desktop, laptop, and tablet computers. In short, we give you the power to connect with the growing community of customers who choose text messaging as their first means of communication.

Reasons Why Your Customers Want to Text You



How It Works

Text enabling your existing landline number has finally become a reality! Whether you’re interested in text enabling your existing residential or business landline number, it works the same way. When a friend or customer text messages your number, the message shows up on whatever internet-connected device you’re using at the time, i.e. your computer, tablet, and soon your TV. All texting occurs on these devices. And what can you text to customers/employees in return? – Technician ETA, When your table is ready, weekly/monthly promotions, meeting times, emergencies, etc… There are infinite possibilities when it comes to Zipwhip!


A mobile user sends a text to your existing landline.

They’re likely already doing it – you’re just not receiving their messages!

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